Health Camp Report-14.04.2013

Free Health Camp on 14/04/13 was organized at Aliganj Gurudwara, Lodhi Road on the occasion of Baisakhi. The camp started at 9am & ended at 2pm. Promotion for the camp was done by means of banners & pamphlets which were put up/ distributed almost a week in advance.

The Executive Committee had decided to distribute Ars. Alb 30, as a preventive medicine for Flu Like Illness, which was established by the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, Delhi in a newspaper article. As a result, Ars. Alb 30/4 pills/TDS/1 day was given to 180 patients.  The camp was wrapped up successfully with almost 250 patients attending the camp for various ailments.
Doctors who attended the camp:
  1. Dr. Geeta Mongia, Vice President
  2. Dr. Rukmani Uppal, Joint Secretary
  3. Dr. Gifty Kaur, Finance Secretary
  4. Dr. Jyoti Sharma, Joint Secretary
  5. Dr. Rafat Khan, Member

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